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5 more reasons commercial kitchen equipment goes beyond the restaurant to bakeries, caterers and home kitchens - 11/30/16

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Restaurant equipment is no longer just for restaurants. You would be amazed at the number of bakeries, caters and home kitchens that now has restaurant equipment in place, and for good reasons. It’s like the old saying, “You get what you pay for,” and paying for high quality kitchen equipment is an investment that will last for many years.

Here are 5 reasons why more people are investing in restaurant equipment.

The price of restaurant equipment is affordable for the quality that you are getting. You would be amazed at the prices, as they are very comparable to those that are in the store. However, the quality is way better. No retail store can offer the quality of professional grade restaurant equipment.

Made To Fit
Restaurant equipment can be ordered to fit, which is something that many homeowners need if they are designing a custom kitchen. You cannot be too choosy when you go into a retail store, as you get the standard measurements. However, you can have a large variety of custom offerings when you buy restaurant equipment.

If a piece of equipment is made for a restaurant then it meets industry standards. Individuals want to invest in good quality equipment for their kitchen, and that is why many bakers and catering businesses invest in restaurant equipment.

More and more people are entertaining guest in their home, so this calls for kitchen equipment that can produce amazing results. Nothing is better than professional grade restaurant equipment.

Restaurant equipment can help you efficiently prepare food, and produce quality results every time. There is no doubt that this investment is one that all cooking gurus want to make. There is nothing better than investing in equipment that will give you the results that you want time and time again. Nothing will beat quality grade restaurant equipment.

There you have it, the top 5 reasons why restaurant equipment is not only found in restaurants. Those who love to create masterpieces in the kitchen know that you need the best equipment on your side. The only way to get the quality results that you want, is to make the investment in top notch restaurant equipment. You no longer have to be a professional to get the best on the market, as restaurant equipment is available to everyone.

5 reasons commercial kitchen equipment goes beyond the restaurant to bakeries, caterers and home kitchens - 9/9/16

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Many bakeries and catering companies are investing in restaurant equipment, but they are not the only ones. You would be surprised at the number of home kitchens that have this professional grade equipment. Why? That’s a great question! Here are the top 5 reasons you will find restaurant equipment in areas other than just restaurants.

When you go to compare prices of professional grade equipment with retail stores, you would be surprised, as the price is not that much higher. You get what you pay for, and restaurant equipment is the absolute best you can have. Therefore, it just makes sense to make this investment, as restaurant equipment will last you for many years.

Restaurant equipment can be customized, where retailers can not offer this service. This is something that is highly sought after, especially if you are designing a custom kitchen that requires special measurements. You have a more lead way with restaurant equipment. That is why more and more people are turning to this type of equipment for their home. Plus, the options that are presented is not comparable to those you would find in the store, as you will get equipment that can do so much more when investing in restaurant equipment.

This equipment is made for longevity, and it meets industry standards. When you buy a piece of restaurant equipment, you are getting the best quality on the market. This is why bakers and catering businesses are turning to restaurant equipment.

Home Parties
In today’s world, more and more people are entertaining guest in their home. This calls for equipment that can produce quality results. Nothing can produce more efficient results than restaurant equipment.

If you want to prepare food that has amazing results every time, then you need to have top of the line equipment. Any cook that is serious about cooking or baking knows that restaurant equipment is the best investment you can make, when wanting stunning results. There is no doubt that this investment is one that all cooking gurus want to make.

Now that you know the top 5 reasons why more individuals are turning to restaurant equipment, are you ready to give some professional grade equipment a try? Once you cook on restaurant equipment, you will never want to go back!

How the type of commercial kitchen equipment affects taste and quality of food - 7/1/16

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Open a new kitchen? Updating your restaurant? When shopping for restaurant supply in Washington, DC there are many things you need to keep in mind. You want to produce the best quality food, so that your customers will come back time and time again. Your equipment will affect the way your food cooks, so you want to ensure you go with commercial kitchen supplies that cater to the type of cooking you will be doing.

The results of your food highly depend on the type of commercial kitchen equipment you have available in your kitchen. You want to make sure that things get cooked evenly, so the results are delicious. If you have equipment that doesn’t cook evenly, you could face returned meals, complaints and kitchen backups.

Commercial kitchen suppliers in Washington DC will offer a variety of equipment, at an affordable price. They will be able to explain how the equipment works, and what type of results you can expect by using them and what your commercial kitchen needs. They even offer smallware, such as flatware, glassware, silverware, pots and pans, tabletop items and much more.

A Washington DC restaurant supply is a one stop shop for all your restaurant needs. Take time to work with staff, so you can find equipment that suits your budget. Owning a restaurant is not an easy business, but if you efficiently budget, you will be able to run your business smoothly. A Commercial kitchen supplier will respect your budget, and offer equipment suggestions accordingly.

Go with commercial kitchen equipment professionals who know the industry, and understand what you want. They should carry some equipment on hand, so that you can get the things you need right away. This will ensure that there is no break in dinner service.

Working with a commercial kitchen supplier in Washington, DC will ensure you get the products you need to efficiently run your business. Don’t ever go with a company who cannot offer top of the line quality, as you and your customers deserve nothing but the best. Also finding a supplier who can offer used quality equipment and next day delivery is a bonus.

You would be amazed at the level of professionalism that a restaurant supply in Washington, DC has to offer. There will be no haggling or over budget issues, and that is something that all restaurant owners can appreciate. Remember, when you are shopping for commercial kitchen supplies the quality of your food depends on your choices. Ensure you take your time, and choose to work with a company who knows the industry.

How the type of commercial kitchen equipment can influence the cuisine that is offered - 5/23/16

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Are you looking for commercial kitchen supplies in Washington, DC? You are in luck, because there is some outstanding restaurant supply companies in Washington, DC ready to get your restaurant equipped with the right supplies stat. The type of food you produce in the kitchen will highly depend on the commercial equipment that you are using.

Commercial kitchen supplies are one of the most important parts of a restaurant business. All equipment that is used in your kitchen will need to cater towards your type of food, space of your kitchen and budget. You want to make sure that you have all the necessary tools to run your service smoothly.

Failing equipment will only result in frustrated customers, and awful food. A professional commercial kitchen supplier in Washington DC will help fit your kitchen with all the right equipment while staying on budget and even finding gently used equipment that is just a quality as new. The demands are high, and that is why you need to find a reliable partner for your equipment purchase that can ensure all of your needs are efficiently met.

A Washington D.C. commercial supply company will ensure their customer’s satisfaction is first. Their business will highly depend on the satisfaction that their clients get from using the recommended equipment. You want a restaurant supplier for your Washington, DC restaurant that is affordable, professional, and caters to all of your kitchen needs. Time is something that is not often in excess in the restaurant business. When a busy dinner service is occurring, chefs need to be able to turn over food quickly. That is why having the right commercial kitchen supplies is so important.

When shopping around for restaurant supplier to partner with you want to choose a quality company that has longevity and great rappourt. Ensure their business style and customer service meet your needs, as this will affect the quality of your experience. There are many different types of restaurant suppliers to choose from. Take the time to view your options, so you can make the best possible decision.

You will also want to explore options such as turn around times to get your equipment once you have selected it, delivery and setup fees etc. Many suppliers will keep equipment on hand, so it can be delivered out quickly. This can help keep your restaurant functioning, without any down time. The type of equipment you choose to go with will also depend on your experience and expertise. A trusted commercial kitchen supplier in Washington, DC will be able to make suggestions that will help suit all of your needs. Making sure you have the equipment you need and nothing that you don’t.

You want to work with the best commercial kitchen equipment supplier in Washington, DC to ensure you get the best results. They will respect the budget you have in place, and ensure you get complete satisfaction.

How the right Commercial Kitchen Equipment in Washington DC Can Affect Your Business - 3/13/16

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

As with any type of business, starting a restaurant in "The District" needs a lot of careful consideration. You have to find a suitable location. You have to check the demographics of your target customers. More importantly, you need to consider government-compliant commercial kitchen equipment in Washington DC.


Kitchen Supply Washington DC: Why You Need Commercial Kitchen Equipment that complies with Government Standards:


  1. The right commercial kitchen equipment can help you establish your business. Since you'll be selling food for public consumption, your restaurant will be inspected by the governing authorities prior to opening and twice yearly. They'll check if your commercial kitchen equipment is made from non-toxic materials. They'll ensure that your electrical appliances work as they should and do pose a fire hazard. They'll inspect to ensure your refrigerators and freezers are capable of storing the proposed amounts of food without spoiling. Once they confirm that your kitchen has all the necessary equipment that passed the regulations, you're on your way to securing your business permit. Otherwise, they might recommend you to change your existing equipment.
  2. Reliable commercial kitchen equipment can help increase your customer base. A customer who is satisfied with the cleanliness of your business is bound to give you a favorable review. The good thing is, customers usually do these reviews online. What's in it for you? More customers who'd like to try out your food and see for themselves how clean your restaurant is! Online photos of specialty dishes, the dining area and sometimes of the kitchen can help achieve this.
  3. Standout commercial kitchen equipment can help promote your business. No matter how technologically advanced we are, word of mouth is still the best marketing strategy. When customers know that you are using the latest commercial kitchen equipment in Washington DC, they know that your restaurant offers safe and clean food. Additionally new and upcoming commercial kitchen equipment can help your restaurant stand out by allowing your skilled chef to utilize the latest and greatest technology to invent one of a kind dishes.
  4. Affordable commercial kitchen equipment can help improve your bottom line. It may be true that government-compliant equipment can cost more, but consider this: this equipment is made of durable, high quality materials that you can use for a long time. Thus, you won't have to buy new equipment yearly. Not to mention that the right commercial kitchen equipments longevity will allow you to set aside extra money for advertising. As mentioned earlier, you'll have the advantage of word of mouth, the most powerful type of marketing strategy.


Choosing the best commercial kitchen equipment in Washington DC can be the key to your business success. Just make sure that you only buy from commercial kitchen equipment supplier in your area who you can trust.



How to Choose Reliable Commercial Kitchen Equipment in Washington DC - 1/31/16

Kitchen Equipment

Choosing reliable, health regulation-compliant commercial kitchen equipment in Washington DC can be quite a challenge for any restaurateur new or seasoned. The state-of-the-art kitchen necessities are very expensive and can increase your start-up capital beyond reasonable measure. Buying low-cost equipment is a bad investment due to the depreciation cost of wear and tear out the gate often costing more over time.


Finding used commercial kitchen equipment can be an inexpensive alternative to brand new equipment, while saving money on quality appliances you will also be able to research the products in depth prior to the purchase ensuring you comply with the regulations set forth by food safety certifying bodies.


When selecting commercial kitchen equipment, you must take into consideration the longevity of your fixed assets. Durability and reliability must not be compromised because loss of revenue due to equipment breakdown and replacement can hurt your business. Write down the features you need before you purchase to ensure you get the right commercial kitchen equipment and don’t overspend on what you don’t need and don’t forget what you do need.


  • Convenience. Choose a user-friendly appliance that does not require complicated settings. Your tools should be easy to clean and tarnish-proof. Stainless steel is a good material.
  • Brand. Good quality is synonymous with well-known brands and these brands are usually expensive. Branded kitchen supply in Washington DC may cost a bit more than its clone but it is guaranteed to be durable. Often finding commercial kitchen equipment brands with a solid backing are an even better bet than new because they have already depreciated and even being used also has a strong branding behind them so longevity is on your side.
  • Size. Your commercial kitchen equipment must be space-saving. Consider the size of your kitchen and the volume of foot traffic by service crew. Your kitchen must be completed before you buy all the appliances and utensils. An interior designer can help you choose the sizes and shapes of your cooking range, oven, refrigerator, freezer, sink, and countertop.
  • Budget. Your budget will determine the kind of equipment you will purchase. Keep in mind, more expensive isn’t always better. Often the highest priced equipment entails many features you may not even need for your kitchen or type of cuisine. Always be sure that any commercial kitchen equipment you buy will meet your needs.
  • Aesthetic value. Match your kitchen equipment with the ambiance of your establishment. Elegance can be found in simple designs; intricate patterns on the appliance can be difficult to clean. Ease of use, sanitation and energy efficiency should all be considered before the extras.


Stay under budget and consider buying used commercial kitchen equipment from dependable suppliers. You can find commercial kitchen equipment often in mint condition at a much lesser price. These appliances and utensils are reconditioned or refurbished like new. Buying used often allows a more flexible budget in other areas that may have been cut short.



Understanding A Commercial Kitchen Layout - 11/30/15

Kitchen Equipment

When it comes to planning an effective commercial kitchen, you must first be able to understand how its layout should be and what aspects it should prioritize. Commercial kitchens differ from residential ones in such a way that it needs special attention with regards to practicality, functionality, efficiency, and accessibility of the equipment, materials, and overall layout.


It all begins with the right restaurant kitchen equipment. Cooking stations, sinks, prepping tables, refrigeration units, storage spaces, and other necessary equipment should be properly laid out in such a way that it’s able to maximize the available space. They should also be laid out in a manner that’s accessible for kitchen personnel to work seamlessly and in harmony with each other. Not to mention, it should also be arranged in a way that it’s still easy to clean in order to avoid cross contamination of food.


Naturally, more storage space is required for utensils, plates, and various cooking ware. Proper planning beforehand can help in utilizing what space is left after the equipment is placed in their designated areas. And lastly, the kitchen layout should allow for people to move freely without being too congested or lacking in space.


Enlist the assistance of the right commercial kitchen equipment supplier and keep your costs down, equipment running and your business profitable.



Commercial vs. Residential Kitchen Equipment

Kitchen Equipment

The most important aspect when opening a restaurant is a functional commercial kitchen. When remodeling your home your kitchen must be just as functional depending on the type and style of cooking you do. Both require equipment In order to ensure the equipment will suffice your needs you will need to be able to recognize the key differences between commercial and residential kitchen equipment in order to make the right investments in either upgrades or initial purchases.

Function vs. Aesthetic

The main reason for specific design and the build of commercial kitchen equipment is mainly for function as opposed to aesthetics which is often the case with residential kitchen equipment. Of course, function is still of great importance for residential equipment but a lot of things come into play in addition to that. As for restaurants, longevity and long-term investments without any aesthetics or appearance are the priority.

Size & Storage Space

Naturally, equipment for restaurants provides more storage space and is therefore bigger in size compared to residential equipment. This is to accommodate the greater need to store and prep food, as well as cleaning the dishes, and other kitchen functions. This is why under normal circumstance there really isn’t room for restaurant kitchen equipment in a standard home kitchen, even if some homeowners do tend to lean towards getting this type of equipment it is often because the size of the kitchen is built custom in order to accommodate the larger sized equipment.

Price Range

For its size and heavy-duty performance, restaurant kitchen equipment is more of an investment compared to residential kitchen equipment. However, residential kitchen equipment can be just as expensive because of top-of-the-line features and sleek designs. Residential kitchen layouts can also cost more due to the intricate interiors.

Build & Performance

With restaurant kitchen equipment, it’s all about long-lasting efficiency and durability. These types of equipment should be able to withstand hard and long term use and should be easy to maintain, repair, and clean. All commercial equipment should be able to take on heavy usage without encountering performance issues easily.

Design & Appearance

As mentioned above, there’s no aesthetic value when it comes to a restaurant kitchen. Most of which are made of heavy-duty stainless steel material, while residential kitchen are intricately designed and planned to be visually appealing.

Having an appropriate and well functioning commercial kitchen serves as the foundation and backbone of a successful restaurant. It’s all about making sure that the right investments are made when it comes to commercial kitchen equipment, and not substituting the wrong equipment just because of cost. Consider these lifelong investments that benefit you and your restaurant in the long run.